Task No. Task Name Deadline Status
T1.1 To launch and maintenance the Project Website М3-AP
T1.2 To organize the Round-Table Meetings М3, М22
T1.3 To forge close links with UA coordinators of fulfilled/ongoing Jean Monnet Modules Projects М2
T2.1 To develop the Course 1 “International Activity in the Dimension Stone Industry” content М9, М22
T2.2 To modernize the Course 2 “Opencast Mining” content М9, М22
T2.3 To modernize the Course 3 “Finishing Stone Working and Shaping” content М9, М22
T2.4 To launch the Courses` pilot teaching (Y1) and to deliver the Courses (Y2, Y3) М11-20, М23-32
T3.1 To develop and hold the Winter Schools for schoolgoers, young people and potential students “UA MineCraft: Let`s produce stone in a European way!” М15, М27
T3.2 To develop and hold the Summer Schools “European Integration of the UA Stone Industry” for highly-qualified specialists and non-academic authorities М21, М33
T4.1 To develop and conduct a Conference Section “European Studies in the field of Mining and Ecology” intended to the EU research in the field of DSI (Y2, Y3) М18, М30
T5.1 To arrange negotiations/consultations with EU HEIs having Mining specialties on the Courses content quality and future cooperation in this field М4, М16
T6.1 To publish peer-reviewed scientific articles dedicated to each Course topic М29
T7.1 To provide effective Project Management and Coordination М1-36
T7.2 To elaborate the Project quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation strategy М1-36
T7.3 To ensure impact and dissemination of the Project results М1-36
T7.4 To ensure sustainability, long-term impact and continuation of the Project results М1-AP