About project

This Project addresses a better understanding of EU effective practices in the field of dimension stone industry (DSI) aiming at their adoption in Ukraine. The Module consists of 3 academic Courses (1 new and 2 upgraded) for mining students, Summer School for external experts and Winter School for youth on EU exploitation/processing/trading special aspects` adoption importance and prospects for UA DSI. The Conference Section launching intended for the EU research in the field of DSI is also forecasted. Thus, the Module will comprise 592 contact hours and cover at least 336 trainees during the 3-year Project. The Module highlights the importance of EU Mining technologies, policies and approaches for UA DSI sustainable development from an interdisciplinary perspective (technology-ecology-legislation). The Module objectives are increasing trainees` awareness of specific EU DSI issues, transformation of the knowledge into practical approaches implementation at different levels (education, science, industry, market and government) and creating basis for future EU research in this field in UA.

This Jean Monnet Module is the first-ever EU studies courses for engineering specialties at Zhytomyr Polytechnic State University and the second to none UA Erasmus+ Project on the Mining education EU-orienting. It will train future mining experts for successful EU approaches` implementation into UA industry. The Summer School will promote the dissemination of knowledge on EU technologies, policies and approaches into policy-making, governing bodies and business sectors in UA. The Winter School will promote Mining higher education as such and the EU studies importance in professional and everyday life of the young generation. The Conference Section launching will foster EU research in the field of DSI and Industrial Ecology. People with special needs/underprivileged sections of the community, general public and other HEIs will have online access to the Module added value.

Project duration –36 months (10.2022-09.2025), 592 contact hours

Grant from the EU: 30000 euro

3 Modules (1 new and 2 modernized) for Mining students:
1. ''Opencast Mining''
2. "Finishing Stone Working and Shaping''
3. ''International Activity in the Dimension Stone Industry'' (new)

Summer School “European Integration of the UA Stone Industry” for external experts

Winter School “UA MineCraft: Let`s produce stone in a European way!” for schoolgoers/youth

Conference Section “European Studies in the field of Mining and Ecology” intended to European research in DSI

Target groups:
-potential and current ZPSU students: graduates of secondary and technical schools, mining BSc course students;
-teaching staff of ZPSU and other UA HEIs willing to introduce the INTEUAS Modules;
-enterprises, organizations, educational institutions, extraction and processing industrial companies, policymaking authorities (MBP) and other potential employers of the graduates will benefit as from the INTEUAS Modules (alumni -future employees) as from the SS (retraining for current employees).

Executors: the Department of Mining Technologies and Construction named after Professor Bakka M.T. and the Department of Mine Surveying, Faculty of Mining, Environmental Management and Construction.